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Question :Only Custom ROM’s Have Functions ?
Answer : No

Updated How To Install Xposed Framework In Any Android 2018 Custom ROM’s Come With Many Beautiful Functions And User Interface Which Is Impressive, But Few People Want Stock ROM [Because It Is Usually Stable]. 

Question : What If Someone Want Stock ROM & With Functions, User Interface, Modifications Like Custom ROM ?
Answer : Xposed Framework.

Thanks to rovo89 !

What Is Xposed Framework? 

Updated How To Install Xposed Framework In Any Android 2018 Xposed Is A Framework For Modules That Can Change The Behavior Of The System And Apps Without Touching Any APKs. That’s Great Because It Means That Modules Can Work For Different Versions And Even ROMs Without Any Changes (As Long As The Original Code Was Not Changed Too Much). It’s Also Easy To Undo. As All Changes Are Done In The Memory, You Just Need To Deactivate The Module And Reboot To Get Your Original System Back.
There Are Many Other Advantages, But Here Is Just One More: Multiple Modules Can Do Changes To The Same Part Of The System Or App. With Modified APKs, You To Decide For One.

What Can You Do With The Help Of Xposed Framework :

➡ Change The Brightness Of Your Phone By Just Swiping Status Bar. 
➡ Change The Notification Drawer Background. 
➡ Add Call Recorded Features In CM Roms. 
➡ Add Remove Tiles From Quick Setting 
➡ Change Status Bar
➡ Add The RAM Usage Bar In Recent Usage Apps
➡ Add A Button To Clear All The Recent Apps In Background.
➡ Add Pie Controls
➡ Add Lockscreen tweaks
➡ Add Screen Recording 
➡ Add Power Button Tweaks

This Is Just The List Of A Single App That Is “Gravity Box” 
So,  Now You Can Think That What Can Xposed Framework Do.  

All This Without Flashing Custom ROM & Just Modifying Your Stock ROM.


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