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Universal Guide to Enable zRAM / Swap in Any Custom Rom - MT65XX

About Guide :-

What Is zRAM/Swap?

Hi guys..Today I will guide You Universal Guide to Enable zRAM / Swap in Any Custom Rom – MT65XX. zRAM is a Linux kernel function that gives a form of virtual memory compression. zram increases overall performance by way of keeping off paging to disk and the usage of a compressed block device in RAM instead, inside which paging takes area until it is essential to apply the swap area on a hard disk drive. since using zram is an alternative way to provide swapping on RAM, zram allows Linux to make a better use of RAM when swapping/paging is needed, specifically on older Devices with much less RAM installed. This is Given By Mrrajsingh111 and 100% Tested by TEAM 11.

Requirements For Guide :- 

  • PC
  • Knowledge about unpacking and repacking boot.img
  • Notepad++ :- CLICK HERE
  • Working brain and eyes.
  • Boot.img Unpack/Repack  :-  CLICK HERE

Guide Starts :-

Download these 4 tiny*** files :- CLICK HERE and Extract it you will get following 4 files listed below-

  • tiny_mkswap
  • tiny_swapoff
  • tiny_swapon
  • tiny_switch
  • Now Copy these files and paste in a Folder.
  • Extract the Rom(in which do you want to enable swap or zram)
  • Now go to System – Bin folder and paste those four files here (all tiny** files)

2. Unpack the boot.img and go to initrd or Ramdisk folder :-

  • See is there any file?
  • If yes, then NO need to do or edit anything in boot.img.


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