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11. Now , open ramdisk folder of both baseboot and Portboot folder.

12. Now , open init.mt6592.rc file in notepad++ of both folder i.e baseboot and Portboot folder.

13. By , CTRL+F, search for Camera and copy the baseboot init.mt6592.rc camera lines to Portboot init.mt6592.rc camera line.

Lollipop/Marshmallow/CM12.1/CM13 Porting Guide

14. Save it and Now , by Carliv image kitchen repack the Portboot.img and copy and paste to Port folder.

15. Now, rename to boot.img and open updater-script of Port Rom which is available in meta-inf folder.

16. Change the mount point by your device is having like my mount point is for system is 5, cache is 6 and Data is 7.

Lollipop/Marshmallow/CM12.1/CM13 Porting Guide

Don’t Know how to check Mount Point :- CLICK HERE

Install the app go to app setting and enable the partitions, it will show your partition name.
Lollipop/Marshmallow/CM12.1/CM13 Porting Guide For Any Mediatek MT65XX Devices


17. Save it, Now Zip the rom and Flash it ..

18. Enjoy Bugless Rom.

Happy Porting  😎 

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