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How To Root Lenovo K8 Plus

How To Root Lenovo K8 Plus Do you have any Lenovo K8 Plus phone that you wish to root?. Today we will show you How To Root Lenovo K8 Plus.

Today,  I am going to tell you what I call the ultimate guide on how to Root Lenovo K8 Plus.

How To Root Lenovo K8 Plus I will be trying my best to present to you a detailed step by step on how to RootLenovo K8 Plus.

If you slowly read through these guides, you will be able to Root any Lenovo K8 Plus. in existence and the ones to exist.

Like we previously said, most, if not all Lenovo smartphones are MTK (MediaTekpowered), and this makes our work, little easier to get things done.

In this post, I will list a step by step that will Root Lenovo K8 Plus both with a computer or PC or without computer or PC.

This will enable you to easily Root Lenovo K8 Plus. without hassle and stress.

No matter the phone Android version or chipset or kernel, with this method, you can get things done very easily.

Okay, let us start, shall we?.

I know that most of us or few of us doesn’t have a PC or have access to a PC or computer. That is why in this guide, I will be listing the guide firstly for people who don’t have an access to a PC or computer.

 For you to Root your Lenovo K8 Plus without a PC or computer, the rootingmust be done with just the help of an Android App.

1. KingRoot.


KingRoot is the number one rooting application for Android phones. It roots most of the MediaTek phones in the market and counting.

It has rooted many versions of Android, both Gingerbread, jellybean, KitKat, Lollipop, Marshmallow, and Nougat and has recorded root success in the latest Android version Oreo.

That is why is our first recommended rooting App.

The app was developed by KingRoot Studio.

How to Root Lenovo K8 Plus with KingRoot.

  1. Download KingRoot.
  2. Download Purify.
  3. Install KingRoot.
  4. Launch KingRoot.
  5. Click on GET ROOT.
  6. Wait for it to Root your phone.
  7. Done.

I have seen some scenarios where after rooting your phone with KingRoot and it failed but still yet get root access.

What I am trying to say is that, sometimes, you might try rooting your phone with KingRoot and got a “Root Failed” but still yet, your phone will be rooted.

I have experienced it many times without number.

But you won’t notice until you check your phone with root checker.

But if it didn’t root your phone?

Head over to the next app.

2. Kingoroot


An app developed by Kingosoft Technology Limited.

KingoRoot is a rooting app similar to KingRoot but there are chances of rootingyour phone with KingRoot than KingoRoot.

But KingoRoot also roots most MediaTek and non-MediaTek also. It might be able to Root your phone in a blink of an eye. I have used it to Root some of my Lenovo K8 Plus and have also used it to Root a Micromax phone for my friend.

How to Root your Lenovo K8 Plus with KingoRoot.

  1. Download KingoRoot.
  2. Allow installation of an app from unknown sources.
  3. Install KingoRoot.
  4. Launch KingoRoot.
  5. Tap on ONE CLICK ROOT.
  6. Wait for KingoRoot to Root your phone.

If it fails, move to the next App.

3. Framaroot


Rooting your phone with Framaroot can very very easy more than other apps.

It doesn’t require Internet connection just like other apps do. It won’t take much of your time like other apps do. It’s either it Roots your phone or it doesn’t Rootyour phone in seconds. It fails, it instantly gives you fail message and if it were successful, it instantly gives you a success message.

Framaroot is an app developed by Alephzain.

How to Root Lenovo K8 Plus with Framaroot.

  1. Download Framaroot.
  2. Enable installation of an app from unknown sources.
  3. Install framaroot.
  4. Run framaroot.
  5. Select to install SuperSu or Superuser.
  6. Click any of the characters like Boromir and wait.
  7. Rooted.

If it is successful, reboot phone.

If it fails,

Jump to the next app.

4. Towelroot


It is an app developed by Geohot

The possibility of rooting your phone with this app is limited. It only Root few phones but you might want to give it a try

But you can give it a try. I have used it to root one of my phone’s then and it worked. you might want to give it a try, it might work for you.

How to root Lenovo K8 Plus with Towelroot.

  1. Download Towelroot.
  2. Allow installation of an app from unknown sources.
  3. Install Towelroot.
  4. Launch Towelroot.
  5. Click on “Make it rain”
  6. Wait for your phone to be rooted.

DOWNLOADS Root Application APK’s

Download KingRoot

Download Kingoroot

 Download Farmaroot


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