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FM-Radio Fixed For Nougat Based Roms - MT6592

About Fix :- 

FM-Radio Fixed For Nougat Based Roms – MT6592. Finally Here Is The Fix For FM – Radio For Nougat Based Rom for any MT6592 devices.This guide will fixed this FM connectivity issue. This is 100% working tested guide and Tested By Mrrajsingh111.

Requirement :-

  • APKTool For Decompiling & Recompiling “Framework.jar”
  • Notepad ++
  • Framework,jar

For Fixing FM Bug We Have To Modify Below Files :-

  • Modifying Framework,jar
  • Modifying Build.prop
  • Replacing Some Files

1. Modifying Framework.jar

  • Decompile Framework.jar By The Help APK Tool
  • Now Go Extracted Folder [Framework.jar.out]
  • framework.jar.out/smali/android/media/MediaPlayer.smali
  • Open MediaPlayer.smali In Notepad ++
  • Now By Pressing Ctrl + F Search For .method public release()V
  • Now Copy Below Code Which Is Highlighted By Red
  • Paste It After .end method Or Before .method public release()V

  Here Is The Code [In GREEN Color] :- 

.end method

.method public prepareWithoutScan()V
.locals 0
.annotation system Ldalvik/annotation/Throws;
value = {
.end annotation

.line 1188
invoke-direct {p0}, Landroid/media/MediaPlayer;->_prepare()V

.line 1187
.end method

.method public release()V



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