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How To Fix Brightness Issue In MIUI Roms - Bug Fix


Hello Everyone, I Am Going To Share A Fix/Workaround For How To Fix Brightness Issue In MIUI Roms – Bug Fix.

Brightness Issue : Means At Zero Level Of Brightness, Screen Is Too Bright, So Finally I Found Fix, That Is extMIUI – Xposed Modules.

What about the app ?

So, Lets Know About This App.

extMIUI [Xposed]

Useful tweaks and fixes for MIUI7/8. Needs Xposed framework (application has no effects without it).

Capabilities :-

  • Un-link ringer and notification volumes. Add separated notification volume control in settings and un-link it from ringer volume control. Adds a notification volume slider in sound settings.
  • Add 3 way reboot (normal, recovery, fastboot) menu
  • Multi line contacts names. Disable trimming contacts with long names and display its on multiple lines.
  • Add Russian language support in dialer (T9). Add support for russian language in dialer T9 contacts search. After enable/disable you should rebuild T9 index in Contacts app settings.
  • Add shortcut for launch dialer to lockscreen (swipe left to right). You can customize dialer package name and starting activity.
  • Fix automatic brightness steps (more smooth) and minimal brightness level on some devices. You can customize brightness and backlight levels gradation And this is only a small part of all the possibilities…


  • New material design
  • Added ability to apply some tweaks without reboot
  • Added free RAM fix
  • Added ability to change toggle columns count
  • Fixed multiline contacts name on MIUI8
  • Fixed tweak “Go home after call end”
  • Fixed “Brightness fix” tweak
  • Fixed “Media player” tweak for Multirom users


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