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Custom Rom - BUG FIXES In Any MT65XX DEVICES 2018


In Custom Rom – BUG FIXES In Any MT65XX DEVICES 2018, Things you need to keep in mind. If you are doing any of the following you have to get back and start again.

  1. You cannot port any Lollipop ROM which is for MT65XX to my MT65XX device. Only MT6582 to MT6582, MT6592 to MT6592 etc.
  2. You cannot port any Lollipop ROM if you are using android 4.2.2.
    You can only port for 4.4.2 or 4.4.4.
  3. You cannot port any Lollipop ROM from different kernel version. You can only port for same kernel version like Kernel version 3.4.67 to 3.4.67. not 4.xx to 3.10.xx or vice versa.
  4. Before porting a rom read the roms details what bugs it has. If the port rom has bugs you probably won’t be able to solve them
  5.  Always research before you ask someone for help. If you ask simple questions which have already been answered annoys developers and then he will not going to reply ever. If   you can’t help yourself No one can.

Bug’s & Fixes :-

Bug. –  Stuck on Android is Upgrading

Fix. –  First of all Wipe Data/Factory reset your device. It is suggested that you use the latest KitKat supported PhilZ or TWRP recovery. CWM will not work. Then flash this ROM reboot if still stuck there. Reflash this ROM without wiping data and then reboot.

Bug.   SIM not working?

Fix. –  Replace from stock to port : /etc/firmware

Bug.  Google Sync Problem. (This problem is uncertain because users download Gapps from different sources. So no sure shot fix still you can try this).


  1. Install other Gapps
  2. Turn off location in SETTINGS, reboot your phone.
  3. Turn off GPS and then reboot.

Bug.  Sensors not working ?

Fix. –   Replace and rename it to and replace from                   stock to CM based ROM. Just replace xx with 82 or 92 depending on your chipset.

Bug.  Microphone not working in Google now ?

Fix. –  Replace  audio_policy.conf

Bug.  The network started dropping suddenly while making calls? (This is completely  rare to happen)?

Fix. –  Replace : system/etc/apns-conf.xml

Bug.  Followed the above No SIM fix and yet no IMEI/Baseband?

Fix. – Patch for any MT65XX DEVICES. CLICK HERE.

Bug.  Storage Bug?

Fix. –  Decompile the framework-res.apk, go to res/xml/storage_list.xml and edit it like the storage_list.xml fromframework-res.apk of your Kitkat ROM, Replace:

Bug.  Sd card not work or internal storage?

Fix. –   

  •  system/bin/sdcard  
  • system/bin/vold                                                                          


All major bugs have been covered if you are facing any bug or if you have any more questions comment down below I will try to fix them. And please do not report about any bugs that are already covered in this guide. I already try to fix them and gave the solutions.

Below are the few other bug fixes i have given which i have not included above.

So its not necessary that the files given below should be same and if you don’t see  the files listed below JUST SKIP THEM.


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