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Flash your TWRP Not Yet Flashed?? :- CLICK HERE

More Features :-

  • Flip Button Animation
  • Un-link Notification volume
  • Status bar clock Seconds
  • Partial Screenshot Type
  • Screenshot Delay
  • Slim experience browser
  • Pixel’s boot Animation (Experimental)
  • Pixel’s UI(Nav bar/Accent/Pixel launcher)
  • OMS7
  • Camera sound toggle
  • Advance Ambient Display
  • Long press power button on lock screen for torch
  • Disable Force Close
  • Wake lock Blocker
  • Toggle Lock screen Media Art
  • Toggle Lockscreen music Visualizer
  • Ticker
  • Bluetooth QS tile easy toggle(one touch)
  • CM Eleven Music Player
  • Disable QS on Lock screen
  • Invert Ambient display’s Color
  • Toggle Dynamic notification card’s color
  • Low Battery Notification Toggle
  • Hide Clock/Date/Alarm text from lock screen
  • Lock screen Clock’s Font customization
  • Weather on lock screen
  • AEX Papers
  • Heads up customizations
  • DU’s HW button rebinding
  • Button backlight customization
  • Recents clear all fab button and re-positioning
  • Recents Free Ram bar
  • Custom Carrier label
  • Dynamic navigation bar

Changelogs of AEX Nougat Rom AOSP Extended v4.6 :-

  • Latest Build
  • GPS Fixed
  • Camera Fixed
  • Substratum Working
  • Both Storage Mounting In PC And Phone
  • Loud Sound
  • Both SIM Working
  • FM Radio In Earphone
  • Offline Charging

Flashing Instructions :-

  • Download All Files
  • Boot Into TWRP Recovery.
  • Backup If Anything Important In Your Device [Except Storage]
  • Wipe Cache, Dalvik Cache/ART, System, Data
  • Flash Latest AEX AOSP Extended v4.6 Nougat Rom.
  • Reboot
  • Enjoy


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