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Latest AEX AOSP Extended v4.6 Nougat Rom Xolo Omega 5.5 - MT6592
About Latest AEX AOSP Extended v4.6 Nougat Rom:-

Latest AEX AOSP Extended v4.6 Nougat Rom: AEX Support Substratum Theme Engine And Comes With Lots Of Customization. I Hope You Like My Work. AOSP Extended is an AOSP based rom which provides stock UI/UX with various customizations features along with the Substratum theme engine. The project has been made by cherry-picking various commits from various other projects. Being based on AOSP it provides a smooth and lag-free experience out of the box. We will constantly try to add more features and make it even better in future updates. A ROM by a user, for a user and based on KitKat Kernel 3.4.67. #Stay #AOSP #Extend Your Device be #Extended. This rom is Ported by Mrrajsingh111.

Features :-

  • DUI(Fling/Pulse/Smart bar)
  • Substratum Theme Engine
  • Omni’s QS Headers Background
  • One Handed UI
  • Inbuilt Super SU
  • Privacy Guard
  • Expanded Desktop in Latest AEX AOSP Extended v4.6 Nougat Rom
  • Dashboard suggestions/summaries (Enable/Disable)
  • Status bar Clock/Date customization
  • Dashboard suggestions/summaries (Enable/Disable)
  • Notification Intervals
  • Increasing Volume in Ringtone
  • D2S on Navigation bar
  • Long press Back button to kill app
  • Dashboard Column configurations
  • Detailed Location QS Tile!
  • Status bar Traffic Indicators
  • Notification count in Latest AEX AOSP Extended v4.6 Nougat Rom
  • Dt2s on Status bar
  • QS quick Pull down
  • QS Brightness Slider(Enable/Disable)
  • QS Tiles Animations
  • Force expand notifications(Enable/Disable)
  • Immersive Mode messages(Enable/Disable)
  • Flashlight Notifications
  • Immersive Recents
  • Toast icon
  • Media Scanner behavior on boot
  • Power Menu Customization
  • Additional Battery Saver steps
  • Volume Rocker tweaks(Wake/Music seek/Keyboard cursor control/Swap in landscape mode)
  • Spanish Translations
  • PT BR Translations
  • Update Fling Logo
  • Add gestures back to settings app
  • QS Haptic feedback
  • One tap data & WiFi tile
  • Auto brightness icon toggle
  • Breathing Notifications
  • Clickable clock and date in status bar header
  • Long press gear icon in status bar header launches Extensions
  • Show 4G instead LTE switch
  • Night Mode is back
  • Night Mode QS Tile
  • Long press caffeine tile action
  • Customize QS Rows/Columns
  • Customize small QS Tiles
  • Status Bar brightness control
  • Lock screen Shortcut
  • Double tap on lock screen to sleep
  • Quick Unlock for PIN/Password
  • Battery Styles and percentage
  • Change default file manager to MK Explorer
  • Add FM Radio
  • Navigation bar QS Tile


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